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What is K.MeAmI?
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K.MeAmI is a brand specifically made to showcase and inspire the world of arts and hobbies. 

In a world full of information and access to so much inspiration, I {Kay Bee} began to wonder if I too can inspire others with my ideas; as I tend to have many.

I had a lot to offer however, I've never been apart of a community of like-minds who love To Inspire & Be Inspired. KMeAmI is basically a portfolio of mine that I wanted to share with the world, which could ultimately become a place where people like me can share their endeavors and use what I have shared to better themselves and their hobbies.  

     I hope that when you visit anything that I put on to the internet{social areas and what not}, you won't be afraid to talk about what I have. Give me critiques, give me support, share my passion with me or tell me about your own passions!

 I love helping people in other forms too, including giving advice {if you want and need it}. A common learning point in life is perspectives. I believe other's perspectives and wisdoms; no matter the age, are always good to take into consideration. Meaning, people and their experiences. Everyone on this earth has a story and morals in them, so perhaps there's something within those stories that could help you or me in reaching goals and solving problems that we haven't heard or thought of yet, no matter the age.

     But even if none of that happens, I'm still here to have fun. This is My Brand . My Legacy, so I'm trying to enjoy and make the best out of it in all the areas that I participate in, in my life. And I Hope you enjoy them too!

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