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Being An Influencer . The Do know this...Right?

Let’s Talk : People in a “LimeLight” and their alleged Misunderstanding of the World.

One thing I noticed in my many years on the internet is : The world is a very, very weird yet beautiful place and filled with some very,
very disturbed people. And through their “blind-sides” {if you will}, many forget this.

Throughout my time online, there are certain instances  when I get pulled into controversy surrounding any and everyone. Sometimes its interesting because the common sense seems to be misplaced in many of these cases or some people are probably more narcissistic than they want to believe. The point of this post is not to pass judgment but to start a conversation.

Is it really that deep? Or are people forgetting some things.

Where I come from, we learn at a very young age that everyone is not your best friend and being aware of your surroundings is an absolute MUST. It’s not that you walk around paranoid all the time but you kind of function with the understanding that, everyone is guilty until proven otherwise. However they are not to be treated as such, and that is just as a very necessary key to personal safety.

But anyway.  One thing I can’t seem to understand is why don’t people who want to become actors and influencers ever truly realize what they’re up against. Both The Good & The Bad?

 We all know that anytime we get online there are countless threats to our safety and information. Both as a common person or someone well- known on the “Black Mirror”. This is why I said, maybe they’re blinded by what they can potentially receive from it. It’s like when we sign-up for something and never read the terms and conditions or we buy things online without knowing if the store is legit or in general, buying online. Putting any type of information from name to credit card numbers, you run a risk of it “leaking” or being stolen. Even big market companies utilize these ‘scams’ for email lists and ads and so one. But we do it anyway because…Goods . And there’s nothing wrong with it. If you work a considerable amount of time to make money AND have that money taxed {aka stolen}, AND pay bills, you should be able to spend it how you wish. {As long as if its not hurting anyone imo}.

So you take the risk. This is no different being a ‘famous’ individual. It reminds me of when ‘The Fappening’ happened some years ago. Those poor women and their privacy completely disrespected. The commenter was responding to people saying ‘well if you don’t want your pictures stolen, don’t take them’ . She says

“If you don’t wanna get robbed, don’t own anything”

And well…yeah. With all due respect..yes. The less you have the less likely someone is going to want to rob you . Can it still happen? Absolutely. And this is no different with those pictures. If they weren’t on there…they would not have been stolen. But the point to this reference is the fact that people in the spotlight have a large target on their backs. People are going to love what they do or hate what they do. This is something that is very clear just because of history. And it doesn’t just stop there. You want to be anyone with any type of standing in a state or simply being a random person playing around…you . Are . A . Target . Period. Police know there’s always a time something can go wrong. Lawyers know that if they defend someone or try to get someone to speak out… the possibilities of things going very wrong are very real. You get online and do weird things, it can be taken and used against you in any way…So..all of this should be taken into account and I have reason to believe that many’s not.

Now…this is not to say that people shouldn’t speak against it or whatever . All I’m saying is…don’t act surprised when it happens. That is literally apart of the job or the action. Even something as non-interesting as doing interviews from being in a movie.

You know you have to do press and answer the same…45 questions in 60 different interviews in one day…over and over and over again. THAT is apart of the job.

‘Well I don’t have to like it’….

Okay but…you don’t have to have the job either. If it pains you that much {even though you knew for a fact it was coming..} why even take the job?

Your home, your children , your family. Every personal choice you make has a consequence and many of those consequences are EXTREMELY sucky. Like terrible. But lets remember, this earth is NOT a Paradise, nor has it ever been promised to be. If you’re a good person or a bad person. Good and bad can and will happen to you. So instead of complaining if it ever does. Simply be proactive. That is the moral to this story.

Things happen…prepare for them. Be PROactive not RE-active. We may not be prepared for everything of course, and the emotional toll it can take on you can be VERY heavy but that is apart of life. It’ll never go away. You want to be an influencer and famous: family life, vacations, simply grocery shopping.. Its going to change. The money may be cute and dandy but is it worth it? People may make fun of you, harass your family and maybe even assassinate you as scary as that is, but it has happened.

You want to be a lawyer or doctor? Tax bracket increases, possible lawsuits, and getting someone killed. Can happen.

Just be aware and try your best to look at both the pros and cons of any decision before you make it. Because you can yell from the rooftops of how horrible those actions are, (Showing up unannounced to someone's house, being publicly asked to do certain things...even sexual harassment and blackmail} all . Day . long. Have protests and file lawsuits, even . But these people will continue to exist and persist. and they don't care about the things you yell {until their caught, anyway}. As sad as that is. That is reality. From the protests, many may change. So of course it should still be done. Especially if it can stop other crimes in the future but . There is no end to the protests. Some people are going to Choose Not to listen and do horrible things.

In all, remember to practice gratitude, humility and remember the positives in life in general. Despite what may be on the news and terrible, horrible things people have done and still do. There will always be beauty around the corner and its’ okay to stop and look at it during times of stress and disarray. And bad or sad things happen. Find good coping mechanisms that will help you get through them safely. You can’t stop everything but if you can soften the trauma it will definitely help you against taking extreme measures to mask or numb the pain.

What are your thoughts? Let’s talk!


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