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Just Start | 002

Just Start | 002

So as of now as I adjust my style . I have these ideas in my head that are the most appealing. For example, Glitter edits for GlitterNFrenz. 

I wanted to do these because I’ve always loved graphic design and got into some years ago as a side hobby.  Using gimp, I mostly applied gradients and different types of light to cutouts of random photos people...that’s all I knew of at the time. So now I’d like to do it again just for fun and possible monetary gain. 

I’ve always wondered if that’s not a good idea but I feel like there’s a ‘legit hustler growing in me. I remember meeting a woman from Malaysia that was like this. She had so many pictures of inspiration in her phone and explained to me how all of these trinkets and minor services were means of making money. At the time, I never entertained making money as much because I knew I needed money to make money and that...I didn’t have. Plus due to circumstances, doing small odd jobs was up and down for me. I also wasn’t so good with money...har har.

But anyway, I’ve never forgot about her in my one time of meeting and I’ve started to feel unashamed of wanting money. I have goals and dreams and unfortunately nearly everything in the world costs money so...a little extra change never hurt anyone.

So with this in mind, GlitterNFrenz became a way for me to explore my passion while helping others..hopefully. It’s still a learning curve because edits take awhile and I’m always so unsure . Not to mention marketing . Currently I’m not too concerned about that as I learn to be more consistent but the theme and photography aspect is quite a task for me.

I love the idea of product placement and unique advertising but I’ve never been super in to photography because um...good quality cameras aren’t cheap but as tech grows the idea is starting to become feasible. So I’ve experimented.

I love the vibrancy and colorfulness. Makes me happy. I’m unsure how this will go with my theme but I’m thinking rainbows is the way to go anyway. 

The main thing I struggle with the most is content in general. I have limited items, sure I can take multiple pictures but after a while ...I feel as though i will run out of pictures ideas. Editings fun and I usually use free photos but I have a art theme so there’s only so many to go around. 

I guess the only thing left to show is what I’ve come up with as a ‘me’ factor in my edits because , obviously there are others that have similar pages and edit goals {aka glittery}, but I wanna put my own twist into it.

I like it. The colors work for me . But I’m thinking I’m turning more so toward the collage aspect over simple adding details. The page is very much about glitter but it’s definitely more than that so....time will tell I spose.


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