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Just Start | 003

Just Start | 003

Recently I’ve been listening to Seth Godin and he mentions how important it is to simply try to attract those whom want to be attracted.
Most of the world as we know it...or people shall I say, do not care about what you’re doing. Which I’ve always known which is why it’s so hard for me to talk about my art with people that don’t care as much or aren’t into it as much as I am {somewhat of a bad habit I’m sure.} but as I sit and sift through the various different ‘co-tags’ if you will..connected to my faves, I’ve noticed that my people are kinna hard to find. I believe this is sort of a direct correlation into why my social media’s aren’t growing as much. 

That sounds bad I’m sure, considering how everyone tells you that you shouldn’t focus on the numbers. That’s not exactly my problem. What I’m finding hard is, finding the ones like me. Well..I’ve only been at a few hours but I really want to connect with people that love mixed media art and love creating with glitter and so. Don’t get me wrong. There’s loads of people that love glitter and paints and sparkly things but I don’t necessarily want to connect with people who cover mugs in glitter or people who do nail art or makeup. Beautiful talents indeed, but not exactly something I closely identify with or relate to...duh. But that seems to be the only thing that festers in the general glitter addict community. As far as mixed media..that’s homework for another time but whatever. 

So far, I’ve been on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the basic form of the internet, google. Those similar to me, hmm idk. What currently plagues my thoughts is, they won’t collab because I’m tiny which...I’m finna test. But other than that. For some reason I feel...ignored in a way. I’m unsure why but that’s kinda the gist. Anyhow. For now my homework is to simply put some ideas into people’s heads. Shameless promo amirite. 

As I continue in my journey, learning social media is a interesting block in my road. I don’t have a problem with socialization but I noticed that with bloggers and artists alike. They have these cutesy communities that they socialize with and I’m trying to be apart of some..finding them is . Exhausting lol.

But with this 3rd blog I can say I actually enjoy this. Still thinking through my systems for how I go about marketing these things but it’s fun nonetheless. I can actually vent while feeling progressive . Unsure how but. It works.


I finished some pages for myself. My origin page and links page. As a disclaimer, I’m not the best coder in the world so my method in the madness is using incredible tumblr artist. {always keep the credits} . But that has helped me so much. And I continue to learn more about css at least. responsive code being my newest nemesis. But it’s cool for a person who wants to save money for as long as I can before truly investing. Working my way through what I need at this time and what I’m going to need.

So far, if you’re interested, I have invested {with some help from some amazing people}, in..

IPad Pro 12.9 inch second gen - biggest purchase in me life lol . Of course I was super excited. Possible review coming soon. I had my reasons and...I’ve had it for a year. Boy do I have much to say.

Procreate - the goal was to make coloring pages and art pages for asset building purposes. {so good. Quite a step up from gimp.}

Domain name - I use blogger. Reason being: don’t have much to invest . Easiest and cheapest way to own a domain name, have incredible control over content and how it looks and the cheapest form of website hosting with all the above. {aka free}. I’m sure once I start making money, I’ll maybe invest in something different but I have no time for subscriptions atm.

KineMaster - video editor; in the near future I do plan to make videos. YouTube is just one of those things I’ve always took interest in. And me making videos will be for the purpose mostly of ‘making content I wanna see and haven’t..yet’ . And being even more open and close to the art community I’m trying to create. As well as an inspiration for little kids and big kids {more on this to come}. that are like me, so again..more bang for your buck. And I’ve tested too many to name haha. 

Kirakira+ - I like sparkle and it was 99cents..what can I say. Investment nonetheless.

Then regular things like my phone but I have much help with that..but it’s basically my right hand woman so..gotta count that in.

Until next time...


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