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Just Start | 004 | Finding Community

And the quest  ...

So as days have passed, I managed to make a dent in my art community problem..but I’m kinda sorta dealing with the same issues. 

I learned about Amino {an app dedicated to pretty much any community you may ascribe to for the most part}, I found it quite appealing. However, after playing around in it for a while, I noticed it’s more so filled with a younger audience. I’m not opposed to that as I’m young myself but maybe a bit too young. I suppose what I’m looking for is artists like me...of course. And artist that are serious about...well art. Not to say these guise aren’t but the ‘energy’; if you not really that tbh. Plus I’m  not really an illustrator, a lettering enthusiast, roleplayer or fan artist... and well..that’s pretty much all that exist on there. I couldn’t even find active glitter enthusiast. At least with myglitterworld . They do love and adore glitter but they don’t do  much of any canvas art type stuff with it, which is what I’m looking for and it’s the same way on Instagram...adding in nail art. So I figure what’s left reaching out to artist that do this type of art I like or simply making my own. 

That gives me a bit of anxiety... Rejection.. eh . I’m not afraid per se, I just don’t feel like dealing with that right now haha. Or maybe not so much rejection all the way but maybe even the unknown. As I’ve said before, I don’t have a lot of followers so creating something more to keep up with, is not very appealing at the moment. I tried with tik tok and well...nah.  But also if I did reach out for a collab. I’m not exactly sure how those are supposed to be done. The possibilities are endless I’m sure but, eh. I’m kinda just in the mood for establishing myself and style more. Which I know it, and want to build a portfolio in it but my personal life is in a very hectic area, which I especially can’t wait until it’s over with. But even then, the ‘thereafter’ moments will be due and I’m definitely uneasy about that. 3 weeks, in counting... so much mixed emotions..

In other news...

I’ve had some birdies in my ears these past few days to experiment with some new art types. Mainly...architecture and templates or stencils. And I’m not opposed. I was given the opportunity to make a stencil here recently..more possibly on that later this week. And well...I like it. Being as though i have a cricut machine but haven’t really used it much. It was very fun...kinda.

Then I went to a science museum. Within it...I had the wonderful opportunity to learn a little more about machines and the human body which couldn’t have came at a better time. For a while now I’ve been investing more thought into my health and my pending YouTube channel. I have these ideas festering of using cardboard to ‘remake’ simple machines and products that would otherwise be made of plastic or wood, annnnd lets just say the inspiration is ever flowing. I hate to use excused throughout this entire post but...I just need 3 weeks maaan. Lord Willing. The momentum is building and I literally can’t wait. And I hope and pray the momentum lasts and with more free time I can grow and grow and use this wondrous time to truly thrive.

I just...keep envisioning it and replaying things in my mind and I don’t know, it’s likes I can feel the sensation of what I want to do . It’s just not here yet. Without the distractions and proper sleep... the time. 



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