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The Journey of One | A Spoken Word

A spoken word on My Life Struggle & New Journey

Wonderment envelopes the curious mind . like the first born enchanted about the world . So true are the statements of the wismatic . for them the experience is clear . and the moral is well learned .

However . The journey of I, walks alone . It seeks the bounty of two worlds set apart by piety & comfort. Through my lense, there is a struggle . For I battle between the good , the bad and the better .

 The laze of a day in the mind and the fortunes of determination . The onslaught of temptation and the rest of that which comes easiest to the hand and appeases most ; the eyes. 

The struggle of the comforts for the heart and those that hinder the deepest bits within the subconscious. The highs of the better within a good day and the lows of the Will within the bad ones. Both twisting and turning to be all good in the end. the bad becoming nothing more but a moral for what is to come in the future between myself and another .

 The heart expands as thy thoughts deepen towards the duties of thi female child . thi damsel now wed & thi matriarch . Even the society burdens the self. So I journey through it . thoroughly . embracing it's wonders . the wonders of self and how they may benefit my life to heightened degrees . through the female child , within the path of the wedded and before the passing of the matriarch baton . Who am I . first ? 

How doth one surpass the guiltiness of beginning but never ending . Pleasing her Creator and dismissing the destructives of self. Many have embarked upon the path only to embrace the self destruction within it and walk thereto the atrocities of doors opened for them as opposed to advancing towards the greatest of goods. they hault in a state that is unbeneficial . stabbing more, the already salted wounds . engaging in what will cause more harm than the seconds of artificial good. I wish not to stand still in those walls . 

I musn't succumb towards the mentality of the majority . There is a Will & and a way . there is always a choice and a passion . I choose to make a way, fitting more into one than the other but treading onward confidently. I have two goals and I want to reach them . and with the permission of my Creator I shall.

Join my journey . Become inspired . Inspire Me . Critique my Forms . Support my Cause .

K.MeAmI I am me . Me am I
A Spoken word


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