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I Want to Get Better at Art | Where to Start?

Personally...I’d begin with a purpose. Your purpose can be anything. For example...

‘I want to decorate my room’. ‘I want beautiful art in my house. But can afford the stuffs  I like.’ ‘I want to live my life as an artist I.e get paid for it.’ ‘I want to make something beautiful for a friend or loved one.’ Ect ect. 

The reason you need a purpose is because, you will often find yourself disengaged with making art. We’ve all heard of writers or arters block. So this is basically the same thing. You can learn as many art skills as you want. But if there is nothing driving you to surpass this level of excellence, your mind will ultimately tell you...why bother. It’s a waste of time. And thus you don’t practice and get better. Rather, you drag your feet and tell yourself, I just need the motivation. When I get the motivation...I’ll be able to do art. 

This statement reminds me of a book I’m reading for entrepreneurs. There are many entrepreneurs who get to the point of ‘if I just get this one client...this big client...I’ll be set’. But when is that one client coming? Where is it? Are they coming Tuesday? Next month? When? You will inevitably get stuck in that never ending road. And as an artist...this is not very good. 

Even if you buy the products that you love and are dear to will continually buy but not use because you don’t have the motivation. 

So what do you do?

Challenge yourself. 

You obviously have a type of art that you really like, however if you haven’t found your fave. Like...ultimate favorite way of arting. Now is a good time to start seeing what you prefer. In my letter to you, I told you that this process of finding your favorite product or tool to use or thing to paint, may never end. But you will find what you don’t like to use as often and this is a great start because , now you won’t be wasting money on something you won’t use as often. So within in this process, whatever art you like...mimic it. Especially your favorite parts. It could be straighter lines. Color choices, the blending, the tools used, what’s being drawn, ect. Use those attributes from some of your favorite art and mimic it.

Example never finishing 
something because I'm lazy..
I like to call this...being a ‘Kopy Kritter’. Which I’m sure you may be very familiar with. Seeing a simple drawing you like and mimicking it. 

But start small. Very small. Get a feel for what you really like. And I say this because I noticed I really liked working with colored pencils but I simply do not have the patience. Especially for large areas to colored pencils. It just took too much time so finishing a project would take forever or I’d simply start, but never finish which you definitely don’t want to start or continue doing. 

I also noticed I didn’t like being conventional. I don’t draw humans or animals, but I do enjoy a hand or paw everyone once in a while. I don’t care for flowery drawings but will include them from time to time. So it’s just all about feeling your way through the artoshpere and figuring out your likes and dislikes. 

Marker Lovers Unite!

Another great way to do this, especially when figuring out your favorite tools to use is through coloring books of varying varieties. You like tons of detail, or less detail. Straighter lines or bigger shapes. Lettering or landscapes. Using different tools can be helpful too. Colored pencils, or markers to paints and pastels. There’s so much out there today that it can be hard to make a choice. But nowadays it’s becoming easier to take your time by buying twos and fews of things just to try them and see if you like them and want to explore more. Stores like Michaels and A.C Moore or even Blick Art Materials have sections both online and in store for you to buy one kind of marker, pencil or ink, instead of sets. Even with watercolors and different types of paints. Sample sizes and one tiny pot sizes can be purchased to allow yourself the chance to try things before going through the full commitment. videos. As I said before, there’s SO MUCH out these days in ways of making art. So watch all the videos you can. Here's some examples of mine . Using Henna & Embossing Powder.

 Here’s a small list to look into:


Card stock
Printer paper
Watercolor paper
Tan paper
Charcoal paper
Tracing paper
Clear polyesters like ‘acetate’ or ‘dura-lar ’
Tablet/Computer or Apps...

Types of Art

Paper mache
Paper furniture
Paper cutting
Splatter painting
Stamp making

Types of Mediums

Milk paint 
Soft pastels
Hard pastels
Woodless colored pencils
Watercolor colored pencils
Watercolor pastels
Gel crayons
Pan pastels
Gel pens
Regular inks pens
Embossing Powder
Pencils charcoal . Lead.


Xacto knives
Box cutters
Air Brush
Glass pens

Also follow my Pinterest for Ideas on some of my Faves. 

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