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Waiting for The Unknown | Let’s Talk

I want to talk about patience for a second because, I’m dealing with this at the moment and I think many people may be able to relate. 

The idea basically is...there’s a lot of things in your life that you want, right? And there’s always that feeling in you of ‘if I just had this...I’d be set’ or ‘I’d feel so much better’ , ect. And most of us know that . In the end, that desire is only going to create satisification for a small period of time. So what many of us do is pacify our desire with something less, to get over the time it takes to attain what we want. For many people, they either numb the feeling with things that alter their state of mind . Or they keep themselves so busy that they rarely truly value what is already in their lives. It’s like a sense of being in auto-pilot. Just going through life in this mode of quick fixes and distractions. And the more you do this, the more miserable you become. 

Procrastination . Distraction . Laziness . ect. All this comes about and you know that it’s not helping . At all . Most of what you do in life to pacify you, until you reach this ‘special moment’ is so unbelievably mind-numbing and mundane. But you continue to do it don’t know anything else. Or you simply don’t like change. But it is change that you need to do in order to attain this thing you want. the end of the realize, patience really is a virtue. If that makes sense.

I just noticed that, I do this. There are various things in life that I really want, but in order to have them. I have to have a considerable amount of patience. Which is fine. But the wait in the unknown is what makes change so... detestable. Like. I know I need to change for the better but how long must I do this attain this thing I want? 

I don’t know. And I never will..until I actually do it. And sometimes, most times, there is no other way. No shortcuts . No roundabouts . You MUST beat this level to go on. 

That . Is . Painful . Mentally. And its so sad because that is what is considered the 99%. 99 percent stay in the state of auto-pilot, because they refuse to beat the level. 

For example . Getting in shape . I know exactly what it is , that I need to do. But . How long do I have wait in order to see what I want to see..and will it be how I imagined? 

:sigh: . I want to be in the 1% . But how do I not pacify with distractions or things I know aren’t beneficial for me and find the right mode of change that I can do consistently, while also resisting the urge to ‘relapse’. man.

That is all...
What’s your thoughts?
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