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Why MeAmI? | A letter to a Broke Artist

Dear Broke Artist,

I’m writing this letter to you, to tell you why I created K.MeAmI. I hope saying ‘broke artist’ doesn’t offend you...because I am one too.

I wouldn’t say we’re; or I’m poor, but I don’t exactly have thousands to pour into art supplies I ‘need’ or want . Nor the space . Nor the time. But I do have the drive to create an outlet for myself that allows me to surround myself with things I love to look at and  spend my time on...

If you’ve read my about page, you know that ‘K’ is the best letter in the alphabet… don’t @ me. 

But the MeAmI part is very important to my message .  It means ‘I Am Me . Me Am I’.

Meaning . You are you . No one else . Which I’m sure you know but what does that mean to ‘YOU’.

Who are you? What do you like? What do you like to create? In my art journey, I talk about my journey as an artist, learning who I am as an artist and what I like and how long it took me to get to this point. But even today, there’s still nothing super duper concrete. Besides maybe glitter…and inks..but that’s not the point.

The point is, what do you truly enjoy making and looking at? If you bought art for yourself, what would it look like? Is it truly something you’d want to create and with what?

For me, I love glitter . It’s just something about the reflection of light that is so captivating and if I could cover my entire surroundings with things that emulate that feeling…I would. And not just glitter but, LEDs, rhinestones, satin fabrics but also in really beautiful and eye catching colors. {hence inks}. So for my art it’s the exact same thing. I want to create things that showcase me and what I love, not just in art mediums but in general too. I’m a huge lover of glamour and negative space but I really enjoy the idea of minimalism. So slowly but surely, I encourage you ‘broke artist’ to channel that.

What captivates you? What do you enjoy seeing in your presence? Even if it’s not painting. Maybe you like murals or fashion, or just really nice colored furniture and cute trinkets, ect.

There may always be times where you discover something new and want to explore it, and you should but the biggest thing ever is truly making what’s around you and what you want to make, you! Sometimes you may see an artist’s work and be captivated but it’s not truly something you, yourself want to invest time in. It’s beautiful, but not really what you like with all your might. For example. I love glitters and I think glitter mugs and cups are so beautiful but I just don’t want to make those. It’s just not in me. And if this is happening to you or you feel like you need certain things that another artist has to make your art fabulous or your art business grow..don’t . You don’t have to do that. Nor do you have to feel down because your art doesn’t look like theirs.

Sure, you may want a straighter line or crisper cuts but in the end, it’s your preference and you work towards that…not what other people think you should nor what how others artists like theirs. In this space, it’s all about you. Make it totally your preference. These points I’m sure are kinda cliché but I just felt the need to say this for some reason.

For so long I’ve been fighting with should I make this or that…this may sell more but it takes more time or this is more pretty but it’s not like this or that or I need these tools first and then…nope. you’re entitled to make changes and adjustments and improve, but if it looks fine to you. Then there it is. You may not see it on the market and it may seem like it’s too similar to others and thus it’s not good enough to post or sell or whatever, but if you like it. That’s all that matters and over time, {because there’s billions of hoomans in the world…} you’ll find others who enjoy it just as much as you do. If not more…even those pieces you look at for a long time and decide, it’s not that cute.

Just be you . From the color choice. To the extraness. You are you , in your level or practice . So let it be.

You’ll improve . You’ll find new loves and explore and you’ll be happy. And that’s all that matters. Surround yourself with that! Just be patient and invest your time and money with much thought, because at the End of the day we may not have as much money or so-called ‘expertise’ but we can still be creative and make things we love. On a budget or not and nobody gets to tell you otherwise. This also includes the type of art-esque things you surround yourself with {if selling is not your goal}. Being able to have that unapologetic outlet is so worth it. Embrace It.


Kay Bee

Feel free to comment. How’s your Artistry Journey going?


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