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Best Glitter Types for Your Art Needs

GlitterArt | 101

Types of glitter

In the world of can definitely get lost . So today I’m here to save the day.. 

Discussed here is .:

How many types of glitter there is?

How many forms can it come in?
What kind of glitter to use for ‘what’. 

This blog is created by a ‘broke artist’ so when you buy thorough links from this article, I may earn a small commission. Thanks so much for your time either way!

So first and foremost. What is glitter anyway? Basically . It’s just really really reflective plastics or Mylar sheets ground up into little shapes and powders . Glitter can come in many shapes , from hearts, shards and hexagons to fine powders, sprinkled  and stars and it obviously comes in many different colors and color types such as, iridescent , metallic , holographic and even opalescent. 

So you may be a glitter artist and for that . Most glitters you can find at any store labeled ‘craft glitter’ can be used with your projects; from glitter tumblers, snow globes, slimes and regular canvas art. 

But then..if you’re into cosmetics and food’ll want to use cosmetic or edible glitter. However, many brands are still known to use regular craft glitter for the likes of gel eyeshadows, and nail polishes. As for food. There are many DIY’s. you can use in order to keep you’re foods 100 percent edible. As due to glitter being nontoxic...for the body . Some companies use regular glitter in some of their sprinkle packs which is not ideal.

New to the market is biodegradable glitters. Also known as eco-glitter. Which is said to be made up of small fibers from the eucalyptus tree. 

I bring this up because . Glitter has a relatively ‘old but new’ hatred clamoring at the moment due to it not being able to be flushed from water systems easily. Which ...when used irresponsibly can be a problem. In up and coming posts, I will mention some of the best ways to get rid of glitter in the easiest way possible as it can be a pain...being the’ herpes of crafting’ and all...:ahem:.  But never fear. Like mentioned, when used correctly, glitter yields STUNNING results for ANY project; and thus, in my opinion, should not be shy-ed away from. 

Just as a little help along the way..because I like making lists. I’ll list some products & projects you can try to make your glitter using journey a little easier. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little

Click Product Picture for Offer Page... {p.s If you're using a Safari Web browser AdBlocker . you may not be able to see product images...which is a bummer, they're pretty awesome.}

Extra Fine Glitter {Best used for nail art . Canvas art . Tumblers .  Crafts, Ect}

Cosmetic Glitter {Best used for eyeshadow . Lipglosses . Bathbombs . Eyeliners. Hair glitter gels,  Ect}

Course Cosmetic Glitter Pack

Hexagon / Course Glitter {Best used for nail art . Glitter Shoe DIY’s . Epoxy projects . Jewelry . Nail polish . Sensory Bottles, Snow Globes ect}
Martha Stewart Course Glitter
Darice 6-Color Shaped Glitter

Glitter Glue {various Craft Projects . Fine detail mandala/dotillism projects.}

Fine Tip Glitter Glue
Elmer's Glitter Glue

Glitter Shakers {small and assorted} {best for various crafting projects, cards . Canvas art. Ect.}

Glitter Shaker Pack

Glitter Washi Tape {Best used with various Craft Projects as embellishments or Bullet Journaling}
5mm Glitter Tape

Sparkle ModPodge  {Best used as a craft sealant for various Projects. Adds a beautiful shimmer.}

ModPodge Glitter Sealer
ModPodge Extreme Glitter 
ModPodge Mega Hologram Glitter

Glitter Vinyl {Best for any type of project with fabrics . Tshirt designs, bags, jeans, ect . Works perfectly with Cricut & Silhouette machines.}

12x12 Glitter Vinyl Sheets

Glitter Paint {can be made using regular glitter and acrylic paint or bought here..}
FolkArt Extreme Glitter Paint

Glitter Paint Pens {best for large projects with lots of colors.}

Glitter Paint Pens

Glitter Gel Pens {Best for bullet journaling . Study Notes . Cute Doodling or coloring. Lettering . Card Making, ect}

Sakura Gelly Roll Assorted Stardust Galaxy Pens

Glitter Crayons
{fun for kiddies that love sparkles}

Crayola 16ct Glitter Crayons

Edible Glitter {best for all your baking needs}

Rainbow Diamond Cake Glitter
Wilton Eidble Silver Glitter Spray

Glitter Paper {Best for Scrapbooking . Product Backgrounds . Also perfect for Cricut & Silhouette machines . 

Diecuts 12x12 Solid Glitter Paper

Glitter Embossing Powder {scrapbooking . Journaling . Lettering, ect.}
WOW! Sparkle Embossing Powders

There are many stores to choose from besides amazon, including wholesalers. When I first started out. I used basic brands from any place that sold it and still do. Also, just as a tip, if you're ever in need of a large amount of glitter for say...a glitter wall; but don't want to go through the hassle of buying wholesale, while many crazy stores sell glitter by the pound . You can also try your local hardware stores as glitter is sold in large amounts for glitter walls or even paint for cars.

Have Fun!


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