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New Artist Challenge 002 | Patternsss

Okay time for a new challenge . Nothing too serious . Rulers are our friends so...let’s make a pattern.

This is a bit of a connected piece to the zentangle . It’s s simple pattern but to make things a little interesting . Try making a stencil first.

Doesn’t matter what you have . Cardboard . Old folder . Ect .

Making stencils for pretty much anything can make life so much easier . And it doesn’t have to stop at patterns. People use stencils for so many things, mandalas . Straighter lines . Patterns . Intricate details..and if you’re a mixed media’ll probably be thanking me / never underestimate a stencil. May seem like a cheat at times but...who cares really? start ...find a shape you like. I chose an Isometric Cube and used a Pinterest tutorial on how to make it. 

Once I had the shape . I created the same pattern on my paper of choice. Here’s a Pinterest board you can follow and use to find another pattern. From here do whatever you like. I decided to use glitter because well...have you read any of my blog posts? I’m somewhat of an addict...also Portfolio work amirite. 

Copy Mine if you’d like. 


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