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New Artists Challenge 001 | Just Doodle

Challenge 001 | Just Doodle.

Some of us are beginner artists. And that’s okay. Hopefully with these up and coming challenges, we can begin to de-stress a smidge with ideas given to us and jump right into the journey.

First things first; when learning to become a ‘mixed media’ artist {this is very important to remember btw... I may be an artist but I’m not an expert in everything} ..anywho. Pick up your favorite pen and paper and Just Doodle. You can start off with anything you want.

Speaking from experience, as a beginner artist. I had a hard time figuring out what I should draw. Didn’t have a unique style to me just yet {kinna sorta possibly still don’t...but that’s not the point}. So what helps a lot is getting ideas from other people. 

Your first assignment in this is: creating a zentangle. These are pattern driven doodles one can do to pass time. I created a printable template of circles you can use to practice once or twice and then where you’re comfortable . Create your own. 

Right Click and 'Save As' to download.
Here’s a pattern to get you started . You can also search these on Google & Pinterest.

My Very own Zentangle made years ago

Example of Zentangle made by me.
Some Examples 

& Last but not least. Have fun!


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